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The Junior Division of the DF&GC was established to provide instruction on shooting .22 rimfire (smallbore) target rifles for the youth of the area. Membership is not dependent upon a parent being a member of the Club as the Jr. Division is totally open to all boys and girls between ages 12 and 20. One of the first Instructors to run the Jr. Division was Mr Al Spencer for whom the end-of-year match is named. He was followed by Mr Daniel Killoran. Between the two men they instructed and guided the juniors for almost 60 years.

Mr Killoran was a firm believer that shooting experience gained in formal competition was invaluable to the junior's ability to advance in the sport. Our current leaders continue the tradition of leadership to our Juniors.

Shooters gain awards by shooting a number of targets with higher scores. Many award plaques adorn the walls of the Club with the names of those who achieved the highest levels. One of our shooters, Melissa Mulloy, obtained a scholarship to the University of Alaska which was noted for its NCAA shooting teams. As a member of that team she became an Olympic shooter in the 2000 Olympics at Sydney, Australia.

The Club fully supports junior shooters by providing target rifles, shooting jackets and mats, and other equipment which allows anyone to shoot without need to spend hundreds of dollars.

With such a vibrant history, support from the Club, and dedicated instructors, the Junior Division is a great resource for the youth of the area.

Does the club offer a youth Archery program?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2021 youth archery program has been canceled.