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The Primitive or Frontier area was founded in 1975 by a group of like minded black powder shooters who were interested in emulating the fur trade era of American history. The firearms, accoutrements and habits of that stout group of fur trappers of the 1800 to 1840 period known as the Mountain Men was the model.

Initially the only firearms allowed were cap lock and flintlock rifles only. All fires were started with flint and steel. Period dress was encouraged, with most of the members making their own. The majority of the members have participated in outside competition in groups like the Northeast Mountain Men and American Mountain Men, where primitive camping and total adherence to authenticity of period dress and equipment is required. Several of our members have distinguished themselves, as among the finest, marksmen in the black powder shooting fraternity.

As interests of the some of individual members in the group changed over time and new people joined the group other aspects of historical shooting such as Cowboy Action Shooting became popular in the mid 1990′s along with black powder cartridge silhouette shooting. Cowboy action shooting is run under rules of SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society which has a world wide membership of nearly 100,000 shooters. Shooters use two single action revolvers pre-1896 type of .32 cal. or larger, one rifle of pistol caliber, and one pre-1899 type shotgun. Period dress is required. Club members have competed successfully in matches across the country.

These disciplines were accepted at Danvers Fish and Game Club with enthusiasm by many members. Interest soon escalated among the group and eventually became part of the multi faceted program offered at the Primitive Area.