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Danvers Fish and Game Club has four separate archery ranges. Located in the same field are 10 practice buts with ranges of 10 to 60 yards to be shot at with target or field points only to be used to practice or sight in bows for different yardages.

The second half of the field is a broadhead practice area for use with hunting heads. This area also has an elevated stand to simulate a tree stand and has targets 20 to 50 yards.

The third range is a 3D course in the woods with animal targets and unmarked yardage to simulate actual hunting situations.

The last range is a 20 yard indoor range in our main building. (photo below)

We also offer supervised youth archery shoots starting January on Friday nights and runs through the winter. We also offer indoor and outdoor league archery shoots from 3D to spot target shoot leagues. Our outdoor 3D league shoot starts in January indoors followed by our spring league shoot outdoors at our 3D range. A supper is held at the end of both leagues.